Shauna Ray Photography: Blog en-us (C) Shauna Ray Photography (Shauna Ray Photography) Fri, 28 Oct 2016 14:01:00 GMT Fri, 28 Oct 2016 14:01:00 GMT Shauna Ray Photography: Blog 120 80 Carter & Sierra - Fall - Family Session There was finally a break in the rain to get out and take some photos with all the falls leaves at peak.  I love this little quiet lake near my house, and it had exploded overnight with yellow and orange.  The reflections in the lake made for twice the color... almost surreal looking.  And then there goes Carter and Sierra just adding loads of cute factor to the scenery.  I always love capturing moms and their babies!

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Omar & Thamina Engagement It almost seems like deja-vu to when two people, who just seem "right" for each other, get together.  Omar met his match, and even though I have known her a short time, it's like things are just as they should be... It seems obvious that they should be together (and like they already have been for many years).  I just love it when that happens, and I'm so happy for them both!  Many congrats to these two beautiful people!

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Amber - Boudoir Every human I've ever known (including those who seem to be perfect) have some kind of complex about their body in one way or another.  When being photographed it really helps to put aside any notions that prohibit you from relaxing, so that you can have fun, and be your most beautiful self.  Now I don't mean you can't be nervous... everyone gets nervous and thats normal.  What I mean is to be conscious of how your body shows that it's "nervous".  So much of what makes a good portrait are when personality and emotion come through.  If you are tense, your body freezes up (mainly your hands and arms, and your smile becomes forced).  If you are relaxed, your body has softer angles in the hands and arms, and your smile doesn't have that "frozen" look.  The good news is that light and perspective have so much to do with making a person look their best, and then it just takes a moment of comfort or emotion to really showcase your unique beauty and make an amazing photo.  It certainly helps when you trust the person taking your photos!  I loved this boudoir session with Amber, mainly because she was so at ease with her body (she was happy to be directed & posed or to free-form move on her own), and she trusted me to do my job as a photographer.  It's magical when things come together that way. 

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Family Session - Auburn I love to shoot in spots that look a little wild and have some privacy... It makes it so much easier for those being photographed and for me too!  On this day we caught the perfect weather from transition from summer to fall. Warm enough to wear summer dresses, but enough cloud coverage to soften the midday sun.  Although momma didn't want the teddy bear in the photos to begin with, those ended up being some of my favorite portraits of her daughter... Seeing a little person hold onto a stuffed animal half their size is just so dang precious.  Hope you enjoy!

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Mika - Newborn I couldn't be happier for our friends' welcoming their baby girl Mika into the world!  She is a thing of perfection... Just like her brother :)  I'm always a sucker for those sibling moments and I love the ones I got to capture on this day.  Sometimes it can be hard to meet new friends you really connect with, and I feel that way about Wendy and Darren - they are definitely keepers!  I'm thrilled for them and will be taking notes on their new adventures as a family of 4.

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Family - Discovery Park Golden fields and big smiles at my favorite park ever!!!  I love taking pics with this little family rain or shine, but hard to beat the Seattle sun at Discovery :)

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Baxton I was in Glacier recently to photograph my friends' and their brand new baby boy.  As I try to recall my first few weeks with my son, it's basically a blur and I'm pretty sure I was a ball of pain/crying mess... As my husband and I headed over to their lodge, I was planning to help them cook, clean and dedicate time to our photo session.  But as soon as we arrived they had food waiting for us, a thank you gift, and the lodge looked in perfect shape (i.e. no noticeable disarray).  They even looked well-rested!  Who are these crazy baby whispers and what do they know about having babies that I didn't know???  Needless to say, they did let us cook 1 meal for them, but other than that, they were exemplary hosts and didn't let us lift a finger.  Being the wonderful friends that they are (and now wonderful parents too), it was super special to take these photos together!

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Gray Family - Kirkland It was unusually hot and muggy day this Friday in May, but it was a gorgeous evening for photos at Juanita...  And perfect weather for letting these 3 boys run around in the park!  It is such a joy to watch these boys grow up and see their personalities coming through.  I really loved this session!

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Rémy - Newborn Session Being a new mom myself (my toddler is almost 1.5 years) those first few months are still fresh in my mind.  My heart always goes out to new parents and taking photos for them will always be something special.  I  adored photographing this family.  They somehow seemed so calm and ready for this tiny boy, to call their own.

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Bowman Family Session Ladies are always the ones organizing photoshoots for their families and significant others... So I love it when someone gifts a photoshoot to a woman who has been planning them most of her life.  My friend's mom was a photographer for a long time (and so was probably not in as many photos as she wanted to be) and as a gift for her birthday, my friend hired me to do a photoshoot focused around her mom with all the kids and everyone together.  It was such a sweet idea, and one that I loved being a part of!  

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Carter's 1st Birthday

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Rebecca & Brett - Wedding On a crisp January day, I was lucky to photograph Rebecca & Brett's gorgeous wedding at the Alexis Hotel.  One thing that really stood out to me was their very large network of friends there to support them on their incredible day.  It was clear to see the tight-knit friendships amongst the bridal party from pre-wedding to post... And hearing all the speeches really told the story of two people who were absolutely meant for one another.  Love was palatable in the air, and visible on the faces of everyone present.  

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Maternity - Jay & Lem Being pregnant is hard work, but some mommy-to-be's are so sweet and calm you wouldn't know it!  Just like Jay who I met in December.  Already a natural beauty and looking great in her 3rd trimester, she proceeded to blow my mind by applying her make-up like a pro in like 15 minutes :)  It was such a breeze to take beautiful photos with this mama!!  Not to mention the tall, sweet guy she calls husband... I could see that twinkle in his eye; he was proud to have a son on the way.  I can't help but be happy when I look back at these photos because it was such a joy to take them with these two!

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Price family When I walked up to the house and saw a little blonde head bouncing up and down in the upstairs window, I knew I was going to love this family!  I truly enjoyed documenting their daily routines + some christmas prep, since tis the season!  Every day this father and son have a time dedicated to wrestling, and I think that is the most awesome thing ever.  Calder and mom enjoy baking together.  And grandma reading books.  We even got to hang ornaments on the tree.  It was such an honor to document these special family moments, on a cold and rainy PNW December day!

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Amilla My heart is filled with happiness that Allice and Mark have brought Amilla into the world, healthy and perfect.  There is something so unique about photographing new parents with their first born, and I feel privileged I was able to do that for these good friends.  My favorite thing about this session was not only witnessing how sweet and careful they were with Amilla, but that they weren't too scared to laugh.  It's easy to be stressed with a newborn, but to hear them softly cracking jokes while holding their baby, was just the best.  These two are going to be stellar parents!!

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Van den Smith - Family I met Wendy and Darren in our birthing class a little over a year ago and it has been so much fun to see how much our baby boys have grown over the months... Their boy Dante has one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen, and curls so cute it's ridiculous.  It was wonderful to take some family photos with them now that fall has fallen in Seattle!

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Gray Family - Pumpkin Patch I'd chase these 3 little boys around the pumpkin patch any day; it would be a great addition to the weekly workout regiment ;)  But in all seriousness, this is my 3rd time photographing the Gray family, and what a treat it is to watch their boys' growing over the months.  So many handsome boys in one family!

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Nicole - Senior We got some magical light to roam the park and take Nicole's senior photos...  But it really was a combination of her darling smile and the backlit trees that made it PERFECT!

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Philomena - Newborn Sweet Philomena enters the world...  Making this family impossibly cute, as if they weren't enough already!

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Kyleigh - Senior This sweet girl is such a beauty inside and out!  I had so much taking photos with her; both indoors and in the grassy fields nearby :)

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