Hi I'm Shauna!  We all need to convey ourselves digitally these days for personal or professional reasons, and when a selfie won't cut it--I can help.  I'm a lifestyle photographer for individuals and newborns.  We can team up to create images you aspire to.

Born and raised in Washington, I'm now the mom of two boys with an outdoorsy husband.  I have been a visual person my entire life, and photography gives me all of my favorite things at once (connection with other people, art, and fashion). 

What am I like when I shoot?  I give verbal directions and suggestions but also use my hands to guide you or to brush stray hairs away etc.  There are no set rules because every person is unique, and my goal is to capture you looking natural and comfortable.  I encourage you to bring accessories or props, and to find photo examples for inspiration.




Swedish Hospital - First Hill