Planning: You and I will have a phone call to meet, discuss babies due date, as well as how to schedule the photoshoot once baby has arrived.  I prefer to photograph the baby within 1 week (because they are generally smaller, more curled up, sleepier and less hungry). But I realize this is not always possible for many reasons, and don't require it. 


Me and my style: I include parents in the majority of the photos because a newborn is often more content in their parents arms, and I can get a variety of photos even if they are crying. I have photographed over 1000 babies and find comfort in every new one I meet!  My own babies weren't very sleepy, so I know how to handle the babies who cry and feed on repeat.  I consider my style to be Lifestyle (which appears more candid than the popular "posed" solo baby photos, made popular by Anne Geddes).


In-home ~ $450+tax (baby+parents)

2 hours

40-50 digital images

Studio  ~ $75 deposit to book and $450+tax (baby+parents)

1 hour

20-30 digital images

*Babies 3 days or older are often much more alert & need to be fed constantly which can make the photoshoot take longer.

**Siblings or other relatives are an additional $25 per head

Day-of Photoshoot Prep:

Feed baby right before photoshoot

Make sure the room is WARM!

Keep baby naked/in diaper, swaddled for photos.