Planning: You and I will discuss how you want to be portrayed, and share inspiration photos to plan your looks.  I highly suggest accessories and props; they make the images more interesting, and help give your hands "something to do".


Location and Time:  We will decide on the photoshoot location together, based on what makes sense for the feel of the photos as well as logistics. The time of day will depend on light, weather and both of our schedules, which we will determine together.


During our photoshoot:  I will direct you to get you in the light the way I like, and then capture your body language and smiles as you relax. If you are nervous, then surprise, you are just like everyone else!  We will work on getting you so bored of photos that you don't care about being nervous anymore. The perfect shots are somewhere in between movement & stillness, when the body is in natural motion or when your expression has emotion in response to another human being--I hope to freeze the most flattering look in time.  This is why I encourage people moving and creating more candid-looking photos.


On-Location (we decide together) $450+tax

Studio ~ $75 deposit to book and $450+tax


Up to 3 outfit changes allowed

50-60 high-res digital images

*Price includes: Labor for the photoshoot and the Digital Images available with printing rights

**Travel fees apply for locations over 1 hour drive time.